Would you change your own vehicle’s motor oil? Would you install light fixtures in your house? How about design a printed circuit board (PCB)? Okay, so some of you might answer yes to all three. For those of you who would answer no to designing your own PCB, that’s where you should talk to professionals like those here at MJS Designs. Those who simply do not have the time to design a PCB or who need a more professional result should also turn to us.

Seriously, the process of designing and fabricating PCBs the right way can be a task that is best left to those with experience and knowhow. There are standards for laying out various sizes and styles of pads for ICs and surface mount devices.

PCBTraces have to be a certain distance to prevent cross talk between connections. They must also be a certain width to ensure that sufficient current flow plus error margin is permitted. You may also be interested to know that even through hole components have to laid out right so that the right size of hole is drilled and that enough circuit board trace material is left for the lead. If this doesn’t sound like like you, then you go ahead and come up with the ideas. We’ll design the PCB for your circuit.

You can have peace of mind as well when sharing your design with us. We respect intellectual property and understand it is your circuit design and your circuit design alone. Rest assured when you trust the experts, as MJS Designs holds its team members to the highest standards of professionalism every step of the way.

imagesWe can also etch your PCB with additional finishing features that include tinned traces, solder mask, and silk screened component names and branding that you request and provide to us. Our fabrication services also perform to the quality control you would expect from a professional outfit. Would you like to go a step further by having the final assembly of the circuit performed? We can arrange that as well at a price that will make you glad that you gave us a try. Turn around times on our end should most definitely help you maintain your project schedule as well.

You likely have other pressing needs for your design project. So, leave the PCB design services to seasoned professionals who will do it right the first time. Turn to MJS Designs become one of many customers satisfied with the results.