Pain-Free Dental Technology

This might sound childish, but what is important to me and which can help the younger family members is sedation services. Sedation methods includes pills, nitrous (laughing) gas, or an IV conscious sedation. With sedation dentistry, patients are placed in a calming state, not a deep sleep, as many people believe.

Sedation dentistry is a specialized skill for dental experts because if not used correctly, it can cause breathing problems and negatively affect your blood circulatory system. Your local dentist is in practice because they have passed all the necessary state and federal certifications, which includes learning sedation techniques for patients of all ages and any medical conditions they may have.

Like me, sedation dentistry is helpful for people who experience anxiety at the thought of a drill inside my mouth. This calming treatment helps people with a strong gag reflex and sedation treatments simply keeps people comfortable during their procedures. Insurance will not cover nitrous oxide or light sedation treatment, but it will cover IV sedation if it is used in oral surgical procedures. Even though insurance plans will differ, generally speaking about 25% of sedations are covered. Your local dentists will go over everything with you so that there are no financial surprises.

New sedation techniques aren’t the only pain-free and safe dental methods used by family dental practices. There are air-abrasion advancements that takes the place of the drill treatment that I have a fear of. Air-abrasion uses air to blast air into the tooth to remove food particles and treat cavities. Next digital x-rays no longer have an exposure to radiation and CAT scans provide 3-D imaging to make the work that dentists perform more succinct which reduces the amount of time that a dentist spends in your wide-open mouth.

Another great dental break-through is the use of a laser. Dentists and doctors know using laser technology helps patients heal quicker and is painless. Your family dentist uses lasers to remove tooth decay, fillings, mouth tumors, lighten gums, regenerate the nerves in the mouth, heal scars, TMJ procedures and tooth sensitivity problems. Implants are another advancement that helps people whose missing teeth need to be replaced.

Dental Care for The Family

Certain dental advancements can be used to help your children. Even infants beginning at age one or when the first tooth comes in, can be taken to their pediatric family dentists. Good dental care for children and teens are very important because teeth, gums and healthy gum bones helps with their speech, diction, their sleeping/eating habits, and their overall health. Family dental care provides families with regular dental checkups all at one location. If the family needs braces, implants, veneers, fillings, or cosmetic needs then your family dental care is a one-shop stop. Having a dentist for every member of the family saves you time and money. Remember, if you have family members with certain oral needs, get a family dentist in Mesa who has the expertise and experience in supporting their needs.