Your Local Dentist

Let’s be honest, most insurance plans only cover between 50% and 80% of most dental services. Therefore, the remaining balance is an amount that your local dentist can find a way to help you pay it off. Remember, family dental services are all about keeping your oral health safe and they don’t want you to experience any undue financial problems. To the family dentist you and your family’s health is more important. Dental offices are more than happy to give you low or no interest payment plans, including discounts for senior citizens. Visit to see all offers.

Your local dentist’s friendly administrative staff will take care of contacting your insurer and will let you know in advance what your costs will be. You don’t have any insurance, still there is no problem because this is where a low-cost payment plan can be worked out for as long as it takes to give you a better financial footing.

Dental Services

Another great benefit of why you should see your local dentist for your oral care, is that they are highly-trained professionals, who with modern technology can take care of any dental problem. Not only can they take care of your family’s teeth and gums, they also know how to tailor the right treatment for every member of your family. Children, teens, and adults could all have the same problem, but their treatments require different techniques.

Some of the services which family dental practices provide beyond general cleaning and teeth whitening Mesa AZ procedures:

• cosmetic dentistry
• dental implants and implant restorations
• periodontal treatments
• preventative services
• preventive dentistry
• restorative dentistry
• TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) treatment